While carpeting is very easy on the joints, especially with the right carpet pad, it isn’t always ideal for reasons such as the expected foot traffic, the design of a room, or that the carpet might get damaged from water like in a bathroom or kitchen. However, switching to a harder type of flooring can sometimes leave your joints feeling sore and cold. This can be combatted by choosing a flooring material that can help lower the stress on your joints.


Cork is a great choice as it is a softer wood, although it is still quite durable and resilient. You will have to care for stains quite religiously after a spill occurs or the floor could permanently stain. Cork is also a fairly eco-friendly product as well. Your feet will feel more cushioned compared to other wood varieties like a Brazilian Cherry.


Linoleum is often thought of as vinyl flooring; however they are two separate flooring materials. Linoleum is more eco-friendly, as it is constructed using renewable materials, and will provide some support for your joints. It usually has a cloth or other canvas backing which makes it more comfortable than vinyl flooring which is made up of a type of plastic.


Bamboo is another eco-friendly product since it grows at a fairly rapid pace, especially compared to other traditional woods (bamboo is considered a grass, in case you were wondering). It is also softer compared to other wood species but will still offer your joints more support than a concrete or tiled floor.

Wood & Laminate

Similarly, wood and laminate floors will often feel better than a tile floor. Tile floors also generally feel colder since they don’t offer insulation. Unless you have radiant floor heating, wood will be a better option especially with the cool winters here in Concord.

Laminate is a cheaper alternative to hardwood floors, and is just as durable. However, they can’t be re-sanded as often should they become damaged.

Rugs and Mats

If you already have wood or tile floors, but still need something more, the next option would be to put rugs or mats in key areas. Some areas would be at the sink and the stove; places you are likely to be standing for prolonged periods of time. There are some great memory foam rugs that feel very plush, and are usually found in the bathroom. Some rugs have a gel cushion to help ease the pressure on your joints. Rugs are great for all ages and can help to add another layer of protection for your floors too.

Well, there you have it! Those are some flooring options to choose from if you are looking for warmth and comfort not just aesthetically but also for your feet, but without wall-to-wall carpet. These flooring options are ideal for bathroom and kitchens. Be sure to give us a call at Floor Coverings International of Concord – we’re here to help!