Choosing the right bedroom floor can make a big difference in the look and feel of your bedroom. You want a floor that is welcoming, cozy, and easy to maintain. Here are a few common options that are reliable choices and one not so common but worth mentioning. Each room brings out specific qualities that you want in a floor and for the bedroom that includes comfort and look.


Carpet flooring is one of the most common bedroom flooring options because it is warm, durable and welcoming. It comes in many looks which means you can match any look you can think of and is not too expensive. Carpet flooring can be difficult to keep clean in certain parts of the home like the kitchen or dining room, but this generally is not a problem in the bedroom.

Hardwood or Vinyl

Hardwood or vinyl floors are the next most common bedroom flooring types because they are durable, look great and are easy to clean. Just like carpet, there are also many achievable looks with hardwood flooring. Adding a protective layer can shelter your floor from wear and tear and provide an additional touch of glossiness. Vinyl offers a wide variety of looks including wood, stone, patterns and much more. Hardwood floors can feel cold underfoot as well and does not provide the same quality of insulation as the other options listed here.


Cork is becoming a popular flooring choice for many parts of the home because it provides many benefits. This includes the bedroom. Cork is nice because it is easy to clean and looks unique. Cork has some cushion, which makes it more comfortable to walk on than hardwood floors but less cozy than carpet.

Ultimately you want your bedroom to be comfortable and welcoming which is why carpets are a good choice. You can always use an area rug over your hardwood floor to get the warmth of carpet with the durability and ease of hardwood. Contact Floor Coverings International of Concord to learn more about great bedroom flooring options.