Are you considering renovating your PVC or painted backsplash? Tile makes an excellent backsplash material. Its high water resistance provides easy cleaning, and tile’s vibrant colors and designs allow you to transform your kitchen or bathroom into the space you’ve always dreamed of.

Floor Coverings International Concord is here to help you remodel your Walnut Creek home with a new kitchen or bathroom tile installation. Depending on your preference, tile designs can be simple or complex. Read on to learn about five simple patterns that create a stunning backsplash.


The grid pattern places all its tiles in line with one another, forming a grid with the grout. This is also known as the straight pattern. Grid designs are often created with square tiles, but rectangular tiles can also be used. One variation of this pattern is the checkerboard design, which incorporates contrasting colored tiles placed in an alternating arrangement.

Staggered backsplash tile


The staggered pattern goes by several different names including the brickwork pattern and the stretcher bond. Each consecutive layer of tile shifts by half or one-third the length of the tile. In particular, subway tile is commonly laid in a staggered layout.


The diagonal pattern is similar to the grid pattern, except the tiles are rotated by 45˚. When used in flooring, this pattern is used to make a room appear larger. In wall applications, the diagonal layout is often paired with borders and other tile patterns to highlight a focal point in the room.


The herringbone pattern looks more complex but still uses just one tile size. Rectangular tiles are placed in alternating horizontal and vertical arrangements to create a pointing visual. Mosaic tiles placed in a herringbone pattern create a striking design with plenty of visual interest.

Basket Weave

The basket weave design is named such due to it mimicking the appearance of woven materials. Several variations of this pattern exist. One basic layout is created in this way: two rectangular tiles are placed adjacently in a horizontal lay; then another pair of tiles is placed in a vertical lay beside the first pair. Like the herringbone pattern, this design creates a striking visual.

Blue tile backsplash

For more help deciding on the right tile product for your Walnut Creek home, call the team at Floor Coverings International Concord and schedule a free, in-home consultation. Our design associates bring all our samples straight to your door in our mobile flooring showroom.

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