When it comes to hardwood, straight and horizontal installations are the most common, but have you ever considered diagonal hardwood flooring for your Concord home? With a little help fromFloor Coverings International Concord, you can turn the process of hardwood floor installation on its head!

Why Choose Angled Hardwood?concord hardwood floor

At Floor Coverings International Concord, we appreciate when our customers think outside the design box, but that doesn’t mean you should do things differently just for the sake of it. Sure, angled hardwood is an adventurous choice, but it also has a practical bent.

From a design perspective, angled hardwood flooring creates a longer line than either a vertical or horizontal layout. This makes it an exciting design choice that’s especially useful for visually enlarging smaller spaces. Angled hardwood is the perfect installment option for your upscale condo or small home.

Make the Price Work for You

The installation of diagonal hardwood flooring does have a slight catch. It creates more product waste than straight or horizontal hardwood installation, which can increase the overall cost of your project. For some, the unique design benefits of diagonal flooring will make this tradeoff a worthwhile investment for their
home. For others who are more constrained by their budgets, an adjustment in wood type can easily offset a higher cost of installation. If you choose a simple wood variety for your diagonal hardwood floor, then you won’t lose much impact. Your unique installation choice will already make a sleek and unexpected visual statement.

The Bottom Line

Diagonal hardwood flooring is a unique yet subtle design choice that is sure to be timeless. The decision to go diagonal is an understated rebellion that will leave your neighbors asking why they didn’t think of it first. Our team at Floor Coverings International Concord would love to help you improve your home with an angled installation of hardwood flooring. Contact our team for a free in-home design consultation in the concord area.

Photo @ Ron Zmiri