hardwood flooring finishes Concord, CAJust like any style or fashion element here in the Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, & Martinez, CA areas, hardwood flooring styles are prone to change through the years. At one time, hardwood flooring was basic and straightforward–usually left mostly natural or finished with a light oil coating. However, over the last few decades, new styles of hardwood flooring started becoming more popular, such as high-gloss finishes on narrow planks or rich, orange-toned woods. Floor Coverings International Concord offers a range of hardwood finish options for every taste and preference. The following are five of today’s top hardwood flooring finish trends.

Neutral & Muted

High-gloss flooring is less in style than it once was, and homeowners are now favoring matte or barely-there finishes on floors in the neutral family of colors. There is something to be said for keeping things simple, and these flooring finishes leave the door wide open to just about any home décor taste, style, and direction.


Aged or distressed wood finishes are an homage to the past and to the long tradition of hardwood flooring. Early wood floors were far less refined than they have become in recent years, and this trend is an attempt to harness that vintage and aged charm.

Vintage flooring may take the form of actual barn wood or old floors that have been refurbished for use in today’s Concord homes. However, this look can also be deliberately created on brand new flooring planks by hand or by machine. Vintage-style flooring creates an inviting setting for a range of décor schemes and becomes especially appealing when paired with contemporary furnishings.

Brushed and Oiled

Traditional oiled flooring is also on-trend again, and this look is often paired with a slightly brushed wood surface. The brushing helps to open up the wood grain so that it can really receive the oil and create an attractive protective layer. Brushed wood gives a slightly weathered look that is highly appealing, but it does not go all the way into the “vintage” category described above.

Light, Bright, Matte, & White

Light-colored flooring with matte or eggshell finishes are now brightening up homes throughout Contra Costa County. They can take the form of a translucent whitewashed floor that emulates the feel of an old farmhouse, or you can opt for an opaque white for a truly chic, clean, and eye-catching effect.

In addition to whitewashing, very light wood tones are also on-trend. Wood flooring in this category can range from light tan to ivory to pale brown to almost white. Vintage or shabby-chic furniture can offer an attractive complement to this flooring trend, as can a beach-inspired nautical theme.

Dark, Designer, & Glossy

Chic, moody-toned flooring in shades of espresso, mahogany, or even black are taking the interior design world by storm. High-gloss finishes aren’t completely passé, either, especially when paired with wood that’s either finished to look dark or is naturally dark.

Just as with furniture or clothing, flooring finishes are also prone to trends as the seasons pass. Use these five hardwood flooring finish ideas as inspiration for your next home remodeling project, and call Floor Coverings International Concord to schedule a free design consultation!


Photo: © Artazum