Tidying up your home is a simple task – provided you know what to do and which implements to use. Most of the time, cleaning can be done with everyday agents and tools. With tile flooring, you’ll have to take in a few considerations to get your cleaning done well without scratching, fading, or chipping your floors.

Here are seven surefire ways to get those tiles tidied and sparkly clean.

1. Know Your Flooring

Face it, different tile flooring will need different kinds of care. Natural stones, for instance, are sensitive to cleaning solutions so it’s important to find ones that are PH neutral. If possible, find cleaning agents made especially for these flooring.

Your ceramic or porcelain tiles are much more resilient, making them easier to clean. They can handle most cleaning agents but they will need thorough scrubbing as they’re easy to hide dirt particles.

2. Make Cleaning a Habit

4 Best Ways to Clean Tile FlooringWith basic care, you’ll be able to maintain the quality and look of your flooring. It clears away grime and dirt while keeping your floors looking sharp. While sweeping is a good start, today’s technology has made vacuums more reliable and efficient in collecting dust and dirt from the grooves and grout of your floors.

Spills are common in the household and what better way to prevent them from turning to stains than cleaning the mess instantly. The longer the spill stays, the more dirt and color your flooring collects. Also, ensure that you have doormats in and out your home to avoid soiling floors especially during the rainy season.

3. Use Everyday Cleaning Solutions

There are numerous chemical solutions for tile cleaning. At home, you can use kerosene to take care of rust stains. Using a cloth, dab it onto the stains until they disappear. Remember to keep away from flammables and use the chemical with caution.

When dealing with scuff marks, you can use lighter fluid to clean it off. Moisten a cloth with the fluid and wipe off the marks. Make sure you wear gloves in the process and don’t let it soak on your floor too long. Use this method with extreme caution.

You can easily use vinegar to clean your bathroom tiles and fixtures. Apply generous amounts of it using a cloth or a spray bottle and let it sit for a few hours. This will effectively clean hard water deposits and soap scum.

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4. Mop Regularly

The easiest and cheapest way to keep your tiles clean is with consistent mopping. Cleaning your floors weekly with warm water should help keep it free from particles and residues. Make sure that you dry off your floors after you’re done as it’s especially sensitive to collecting dirt, sticky substance, and hair when wet.

You can also use solutions at home to make your cleaning more potent. With a gallon of warm water, mix ½ cup of vinegar and use as cleaning. This will help rid of the sticky mess on the linings and grout.

Keeping your tile flooring clean should be a top priority for health reasons, among others. If you’re planning to sell in a couple of years, having flooring that’s still in shape during the visits should serve as a great leverage in the market. Fortunately, most of your cleaning can be done with zero to no expenses thanks to everyday home cleaning agents.