If you feel like your Martinez home is in need of an update, the flooring may be the best place to start. With various technological advances, there are now so many new and exciting options available in carpet flooring. Join Floor Coverings International Concord as we discuss some of the hottest 2018 carpet trends.

2018 Carpet Trends Floor Coverings International ConcordBold and Neutral Carpet Colors

Both bold and neutral carpet colors have become popular this year. Many homeowners have begun incorporating bright orange and other vibrant shades into their rooms. These vivid colors work great as a statement piece for smaller areas, lending a pop of color without overwhelming the space.

Others have taken a more traditional route and are carpeting their homes in neutral beiges, grays, and tans. These colors work well throughout the entire house, creating a cohesive aesthetic from room to room. Neutral colors are also great for highlighting the décor of a home by acting as a smooth backdrop to the rest of the room.

Carpet Tiles

Patterned carpet is still on the rise. Various designs and geometric shapes create visual interest from the floor up and are an excellent option for those looking to make their space a little more tailored and personal.

One of the easiest ways to implement patterned carpet is with carpet tiles. These individualized squares allow for complete customization as you can choose the color, pattern, and texture of each square, as well as how you want them to be arranged. Another benefit of carpet tiles is that they are extremely easy to replace should the flooring become stained. With regular carpet, broadloom stains can cause some serious headaches since the whole carpet will have to be replaced if the stain is too severe. Carpet tiles, on the other hand, require nothing more than the replacement of whatever square has been stained. Quick, easy, and immensely cheaper than re-installing a whole new floor, carpet tiles can be a fun and practical addition to any home.

2018 Carpet Trends Floor Coverings International Concord

Technological Advances

The whole world continues to change on a daily basis due to advances in technology in nearly every field. The same holds true for carpet, where advanced technology has lead to the creation of water-resistant and stain-resistant carpet. These exciting new offerings would greatly reduce the complaints associated with carpet flooring, making it a great choice for homes with kids and pets.

Technology has also been able to transform carpet through recycling. More and more carpets are being made with recycled, eco-conscious materials, which in turn are meant to be recycled again. Further efforts to reduce the environmental impact of flooring will be sure to continue in the years to come.

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