Ash hardwood in Martinez living room

If hardwood floors are next on your list of home projects, you’ve come to the right place! At Floor Coverings International Concord, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners in the greater Martinez area find the perfect flooring for their home, and that includes hardwood.

If you’ve never had hardwood floors or if your project is on a budget, ash is a great hardwood flooring choice thanks to its versatile design and affordability. Read more about this great hardwood flooring from our flooring experts below.

Ash Hardwood

There are anywhere between 40 and 60 different ash tree species that make up the Fraxinus plant genus. Mostly deciduous, these trees grow throughout the world, and the majority of ash used for hardwood flooring in the United States is domestically grown.

The tree produces two main varieties of wood, including the light-colored sapwood and the darker heartwood. Although overall lighter in color, visibly ash has long and sweeping wood grain that closely resembles oak hardwood. Ash is also similar in strength to oak, and with a Janka hardness rating of 1,320lbf, it falls right between the two most popular varieties, red oak (1,290lbf) and white oak (1,360lbf).


Thanks to its naturally light wood tones, ash provides a great base for a variety of hardwood styles. Not only does it look beautiful with a natural finish, it also takes stains nicely to achieve any shade or color you desire. Ash is also available in a variety of plank widths, including planks of 5 inches or wider, which can often be hard to track down depending on the wood you’re considering. These wide planks are also a great choice for hand-scraped hardwood flooring to provide that timeworn hardwood look that’s so popular in Martinez today.


You can expect ash hardwood floors to last for several decades, provided they receive proper attention and care. We recommend regular sweeping with a broom or dust mop to remove surface debris and dust, however, it’s important to avoid excess moisture when cleaning ash as it is more susceptible to water absorption and damage than other hardwoods. Lastly, because it’s hardwood, ash can be sanded down and refinished many times over the years to prolong the life of your floors.

Your Local Hardwood Experts

It’s no secret we love hardwoods, and we make it our goal to provide our customers in the greater Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, & Martinez, CA areas with the best service and top-quality products. Sign up for your free design consultation and we’ll bring our great selection of ash and other hardwoods right to your door. Get started on your next flooring project today!

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