concord re-grout tiles

What clean and fresh grout should look like.

Even if you’ve kept your grout well maintained, it may become necessary to completely re-grout your tiles. At Floor Coverings International, serving the greater Walnut Creek and Martinez, CA areas, our customers sometimes ask if it is time to re-grout their tiles. We decided we would share our thoughts on the matter with you and give some popular reasons why or when re-grouting your tiles becomes necessary.

Change the Color

If you’re simply in the mood to change the color of your grout, whether you’re looking for a change or if you’re just unhappy with having to constantly maintain your white grout, try staining or coloring the existing grout first. This will give you a different color without having to go through the laborious process of removing the grout and re-applying the grout.

Many will opt for a darker grout for a bit of contrast, especially with lighter tiles, but also because it hides dirt a bit more. This doesn’t mean you should neglect your regular maintenance schedule.


This problem usually occurs if the tile and grout is installed in a moisture-heavy area like a bathroom or mudroom, although it could happen anywhere in your home. Mold can cause serious health problems in addition to looking unsightly. You’ll want to re-grout if you’ve tried mold and mildew removers to no avail.

If you let the mold sit and grow within your grout, you could face bigger problems in the future as it can deteriorate the strength of your grout and lead to tile damage. Grout helps to strengthen and bond your tiles to each other and to your subfloor. Moldy grout needs to be dealt with promptly.

Damage – Peeling, Chunks, Cracked

If you notice tile damage, or peeling, chunky, or cracked grout, it may be time to re-grout your floors. Not treating it can lead to more flooring damage or even damage your tiles.

Water and moisture that seeps through damaged grout can damage your floor coverings, subfloor, and cause other problems.

Being aware of your grout is a good part of regular maintenance. If you’re unsure if your floors need a re-grouting, contact the experts at Floor Coverings International Concorda, CA today! We’ll even meet you in the comfort of your home.

Photo by Kevin Marsh, used under Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 2.0).