Vinyl tile flooring being installed to a home in Concord, CA

Nowadays, people who are renovating their bathrooms and kitchens are having a hard time deciding whether they should opt for tile or vinyl flooring. It is no wonder since the technology behind luxury vinyl flooring has become so advanced that it can be very difficult to tell ceramic tiles and vinyl tiles apart. Although these tiles are different and always will be, the gap between them is getting narrower every day. If you cannot make up your mind, look into these four quantifiable qualities and see which type of flooring better suits your needs.


If maintained properly, ceramic tile can basically last forever. Although this is one of its best qualities, it is also one of its flaws. Design trends change quickly, and ceramic flooring is expensive and messy to install and remove. On the other hand, luxury vinyl flooring can be easily replaced and installed tile-by-tile. In addition, vinyl tiles come in all shapes and styles so you can always opt for those that look like modern ceramic tiles.

Durability and stability

Yes, ceramic tiles can last forever and their strongest characteristic is stability.  Although their shape and size won’t be affected by moisture and climatic changes once they are damaged they are a hassle to repair. When they are not installed correctly they will separate, come loose and crack. Also because there is no flex in ceramic flooring, it is far more prone to damages than luxury vinyl flooring. On the other hand, vinyl has a degree of flex that allows it to absorb the force from dropped heavy objects. This feature comes in handy, especially in the kitchen where plates and pans sometimes accidentally end up on the floor.


Once a ceramic tile has been damaged it needs to be replaced as soon as possible since cracks allow moisture to move under and between tiles and cause further damage to the walls and floors. However, removing ceramic tiles is no easy. In fact, it can be extremely messy, it turns your entire home into a dusty construction site and although installation takes days, the cleanup can take weeks. Removing and installing vinyl is a completely different story. It is a simple process that can be done quickly without causing any mess.


Depending on the size, design, and quality of the tiles, ceramic tiles cost as much or far more than vinyl ones. However, with today’s advanced technology, luxury vinyl flooring can offer a much higher value.

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