Blog – Hardwood Pros and Cons

But before installing a hardwood floor in your home it’s your time to investigate the many important features that might make hardwood the perfect choice for you, or might steer you in the direction of another flooring material. Read on to discover if hardwood is the right flooring option for you. Hardwood Flooring Pros Huge… Read more »

Blog – Custom Closet

There are many important considerations when thinking about the ideal home, one of which is storage. Regardless of the room in your home, having a custom closet can significantly organize your space and enable you to use your available space for all the other necessities of a home. Custom closets are particularly helpful in bedrooms,… Read more »

Carpet Flooring for Your Home or Office

Carpet flooring can instantly make any room in your home feel more warm and inviting. However, carpet comes in awide selection of fibers, patterns, textures and styles, so picking the right style of carpet for each area of your home is very important. We’re here to help. When you set up a free consultation with Floor Coverings international, we come to… Read more »

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