If you want a type of flooring that will stand the test of time and won’t get damaged by frequent spills, consider tile flooring.  Because of its hard surTile flooring being installed to a kitchen in a home in Concord, CAface, you won’t need to worry about cracks and scratches. This type of flooring comes in numerous variations, so any look can be achieved through the use of tiles. You can also use tiles in showers and as a backsplash in the kitchen in order to protect or embellish your walls. Here are several types of tiles you can use in your home:

Ceramic tiles

This is the most popular type of tiles, used in homes all over the world. They are made of clay materials that are pressed, molded or hardened using high temperatures in a kiln. Due to this process, color choices are endless. There are two types of ceramic tiles, non-porcelain, and porcelain. Non-porcelain comes in natural tones and is glaze-coated to any color.  The upside of this process is that these tiles can come in any hue imaginable. However, because the color on the inside is different from the outside, any chips and cracks will be visible. On the other hand, ceramic tiles are much stronger and the cracks are less visible due to a type of crystal called feldspar that is added in the making process to strengthen the mixture.


Because of its features, it gives every home a natural and cozy look. However, limestone is soft so it shouldn’t be used as tile flooring in high traffic areas.


These tiles are cut directly from the stone, so keep in mind that they have bumps and chips. In order to stay protected, they need to be properly sealed so that water won’t be able to damage the surface.


Marble tiles are classy, stunning and are frequently used in elegant high-end homes. However, this type of tile flooring is very prone to scratches. Luckily, these tiles can be buffed out so they regain their original look.


It is very similar to marble and adds an element of luxury. The difference between marble and granite is in the design. While marble has lines of different minerals running throughout the surface, granite has specks.

Mexican Saltillo

This tile from Mexico is made of clay and has a rusty-yellow color. They are made by hand, so they often have bumps and dips, which is an upside for those people who want to add a rustic feel to their home.


Colorful glass tiles are mostly used in mosaics. They can be set into stone and then installed like traditional tile flooring. If you want to draw attention to some part of your bathroom or kitchen, glass tiles are the way to go.

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