Ceramic and porcelain tile are two very similar materials that are popular bathroom flooring options for many Martinez homeowners. In fact, these materials are so similar that they are frequently confused with one another, the two terms often being used interchangeably. But, ceramic and porcelain are actually two distinct types of tile with their own series of benefits. Come learn more about these differences with Floor Coverings International® of Concord.

Ceramic vs. Porcelain Tile for Your Bathroom Flooring Floor Coverings International ConcordCeramic

Ceramic is a clay mixture that is hardened into a tile after being fired at a high temperature in a kiln. The resulting tile is not innately water-resistant so a glaze is typically applied to help seal the ceramic, turning it into a tough material that works well in bathroom flooring.

In addition to repelling liquids, the smooth surface of ceramic tile will also repel dirt, debris, and other potentially damaging materials. This makes it easy to clean and is also a great flooring for homeowners with allergies. Since allergens cannot become trapped within the tile, the offensive materials are easy to gather up and dispose of.

Ceramic vs. Porcelain Tile for Your Bathroom Flooring Floor Coverings International ConcordPorcelain

As a sub-type of ceramic, porcelain tile is also made from clay, albeit a more refined and purified clay. This material is then fired at a higher temperature and pressure-level than ceramic, producing a dense, hard tile that is extremely durable. This high level of durability makes it resistant to water and staining, even without a finishing glaze. With such a strong surface, water and other liquids aren’t able to seep into the tile and produce mold or mildew, making this ideal for wet bathroom floors.

Porcelain is also great for homeowners with bathrooms that tend to see high levels of foot traffic. With its hard surface, porcelain will hold up well to the continual wear and tear caused by traversing feet.

Which Tile is Better for Bathroom Flooring?

Ultimately, deciding between ceramic and porcelain will come down to your personal taste and budget. Both flooring materials are great for bathrooms since they are resistant to staining and water damage. They are also both available in a large number of colors and sizes, making them easy to match to any décor. Before you make your decision, be sure to schedule a free design consultation so you can see and feel these two types of tile for yourself.

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