5 Steps to Make Carpet Installation Go Smoothly

For the life and efficiency of your carpet, a proper, professional installation is essential. Because of this, during your carpet installation, it is important to know what to expect. Having new carpeting installed will give any space a completely new feel. It’s necessary, however, to know how to manage the process and keep the cost of installing your carpet under control. With these tips on what to do before your new carpet is mounted, avoid surprises and last-minute hassles.

  1. Manage your carpet costs by tearing out DIY

The first thing you need to decide before making your new carpet purchase is whether you’ll tear out the old carpet and padding. It will cost you an extra labour charge to have the licensed installers pull out and dispose of your old carpet. If carpet prices are a problem, if you remove old carpets yourself, you can save money. While time-consuming, it’s not as hard as it might seem. 

  1. Have the Door Removed

You should remove the door from the room that you’re working in, if necessary. This will make the installation process simpler as you won’t have to work around the door and have the spaces you need for your job. If professional installers do it for you, hauling the furniture out and placing it back after the carpet installation would also mean an extra labor charge. Decide if this is a job that you can handle.

  1. The Floor washing

After removing the carpet, the second step is to make sure the floor is clean before installing the new one. To clear all the dirt and dust, you can use a vacuum or a broom and then sweep the floor with water. To make sure it’s dry, wait an hour after cleaning the floor.

  1. Install Strips for Tack

One of the important steps in carpet installation is to mount the tack strips. First of all, you will need to cut them and mount them along the room’s edges.

  1. Pad Carpet

It’s time to mount the carpet pad once you’ve added the strips around the room’s edges. The padding must be perpendicular to where the carpet will be mounted. You can start trimming the edges after mounting the carpet pad to cut the extra pieces.

Once you have purchased your new carpet, it is necessary to ensure that it is installed as easily, effectively and quickly as possible, but a small amount of planning is required. The key issue is whether you want to remove any existing carpet and clear furniture from the way to allow the carpet fitters to operate unimpeded, or whether you pay our good and cautious team a small sum to do the entire job. Each home and circumstance is different – so be sure to talk about what is right for you with your local business owner.

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