The install took a lot longer than expected. I was told about 4-5 hours and that the installers would be at my house around 9. I got a call around 9/9:30 saying that the installers went to the wrong place to pick up the carpet so they wouldn't be at my house until 10:30/11. The installers came at 11 and were at my house until 7. They were very nice and respectful of my house. However, there were two spots (black) on the carpet installed and the track laid down where the carpet met the closet is bent and doesn't look great. The next day, someone came to look at the carpet and I showed him both issues. He suggested I use the book he was giving to see how to clean the spots and if I couldn't get them out to call back. He wasn't concerned with the bend track by the closet. A couple days later he called me back and said he felt bad about the spots and that he was going to have someone call me in the next day to schedule a time to come out and clean it. He said to call him back if the guy never called. Well the guy has not called and I am not taking more time calling anyone back given that the spots on the carpet were not my fault and I am frustrated that I was even told to clean it to begin with. Ultimately, the price was good and the carpet looks good (minus these two issues), but not the service I would expect.
Stephanie Haap
very happy with the service guys and Lee was very helpful In picking out our flooring. Tim & Karen O'Connell
Karen and Tim O'Connell
Great quality and great service!
Derek & Kendra Groebner
"I wasn't so sure about the prices. Other
Mike Gasson
They offer a wide variety of quality products. Service is very responsive, helpful and professional.
Alice and Fred Mingo
Professional and courteous
Harold Schwartz
The product (laminate flooring) was okay, except I would like to have had more selections to choose from. The service was good, the installers were nice and friendly.
Gwenda long
Installer was very friendly and did a great job. i am very satisfied.
JoAnn Hill
Love my floors and carpet. Excellent service from start to finish.
Susan Tanner
Friendly, prompt service.
Brian Bernardo