High quality products and excellent service.
Siegfred Agena
excellent work. Responsive to my needs and questions.
Ron LeBlanc
Great service and installation! It was a very easy process starting with m the initial visit to my house and having samples on hand to review. It made the selection of carpet painless and simple.
Dan Burris
The disconnect between you and your contractors caused to many delays and problems. It is why I usually don't use company's that use sub-contractors. When something goes wrong you have no control as to how and when it will be fixed.
Belden Rowley
Service and quality was fantastic! Everyone was great! Mike the owner is very knowledgeable and was always available for any questions we had! Guys who install tile were quick, neat, and cleaned up as well which was a plus! Would highly recommend FCI!!!!
Alex Natoli
Excellent communication and cooperation with the staff and installers. Couldn't be happier and plan to use again. Highly recommend this professional company.
Ron Dykes
Excellent work very professional. James is the best installer in the business.
Hank Harris
Over promised and under delivered. It took 5 different visits to fix my floors and still had to use some sort of glue to keep the laminate from peaking higher than the piece next to it. I was very inconvenienced with the numerous visits and nobody offered to make it right. The most terrible experience I've ever had with a home improvement project. I was never given a formal invoice or receipt, when the owner said he would have his office email one. I was given the original quote sheet with a "paid in full" as a receipt by the owner. It's sad how a franchise can ruin the company's name as a whole. To answer the question "What can we do to make it right?", I guess nothing because it wasn't offered.
Steven Dean
Prompt response to requests for proposal. Quality tiles and installation work for a very reasonable price. Service team members that are very polite and professional.
Robert Williams
The laminate floor guys were good workers and very friendly. They did an excellent job in a timely fashion.
Karen & Larry Truver