Add Texture to Your Floors & Conceal Minor Scuffs

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Hand scraped hardwood flooring is sometimes also referred to as hand-sculpted hardwood. These phrases describe a process that gives new wood flooring a desirable time-worn appearance. This wood floor style has been increasing in popularity throughout the Concord, California area thanks to it’s unique appearance and it’s ability to hide minor scuffs and scratches. With this growing popularity, hand scraped hardwoods are now available in an engineered wood construction from a number of major manufacturers like Armstrong and Bruce. They were most commonly associated with solid plank wood floors as this technique was applied to wood planks to give them a smooth finish when they began being used for flooring around the 1600s (if not earlier).

Hand Scraped vs. Distressed

Distressed wood floors are similar to hand scraped wood floors, with one key difference. The finished product and look from a distressed hardwood is achieved with a machine, instead of the traditional method of scraping the wood’s surface by hand. While this method also creates an aged look, it does not always offer the individual character of hand scraping. The best hand scraped hardwoods are created by artisans and should only be purchased with trusted local companies such as Floor Coverings International. Some companies will claim that the woods are done by hand the old fashioned way, however it takes true craftsmanship to create one-of-a-kind pieces.


A tough urethane finish is usually added once a plank has been scraped to protect the wood and give it long-lasting shine. The degree of hand scrapping can vary and will be based on a personal and aesthetic decision. The more divots, scrapes, and buffing, the more rustic the floors will look. The added texture to these floors helps to hide scuffs and scratches, making them a great candidate in homes for busy families.

To extend the longevity of your hand scraped hardwood floors, be sure to properly maintain them. When cleaning the hand scraped hardwood floors in your home, keep in mind that excessive water and some detergents can damage them. A broom and dustpan are generally all that are needed to clean hand scraped hardwood floors, though your floors may also require periodic hardwood refinishing and scratch repair depending on the traffic they receive.

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