concord carpet tiles walnut creek carpet tilesAre carpet tiles the perfect fit for your next carpeting project? Homeowners seeking durability, design flexibility, and easy cleaning might just find a perfect match in these modular options. At Floor Coverings International Concord, we’re proud to provide carpet tiles for the greater Concord, Walnut Creek and Martinez areas.

Why Choose Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles add all the style and comfort of traditional carpeting to your home, in an even more convenient package. Homeowners who choose to opt for carpet tiles (sometimes called carpet squares or modular carpeting) are usually swayed by some of these key benefits:

Carpet tiles offer flexibility. With carpet tiles, homeowners can design their own custom carpets by combining tiles in a way that traditional carpeting doesn’t allow. Carpet tiles also offer an easier option for carpeting rooms with unique layouts where a carpet roll might prove difficult to install. Finally, homeowners can take their carpet tiles with them when they move, which is a unique benefit to this carpeting type.

Carpet tiles offer durability. Carpet tiles are meant to be durable and most carpet tiling boasts additional stain protection. This is great news for homeowners interested in carpeting high-traffic areas of their homes.

Carpet tiles offer easy maintenance. Carpet tiles can be removed and replaced individually, so no spill or stain will ever call for a complete carpet replacement. This makes carpet tiles a particularly effective choice for homeowners who know their space is vulnerable to damage or tough conditions. Homeowners can also lift an individual carpet tile to clean it and then replace the same tile after its unsoiled.

At Floor Coverings International Concord, we’re here to serve all of your flooring needs, from carpet tiles to hardwood flooring and more. If you have a flooring project in mind, call us today to schedule a free Design Consultation. We’ll bring our Mobile Showroom to you, so you can evaluate all of our flooring samples directly where they’ll be installed in your home. Every Design Consultation also comes with a free estimate. Call us today to schedule yours!

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