tile in concord, caThe term “minimalism” has become somewhat of a buzzword in the past few years. Whether used to describe a way of life, a fashion trend, or an interior design style, it prizes functionality and simplicity. If something doesn’t serve a purpose, it’s removed to make room for what’s visually appealing and tangibly useful. When it comes to minimalism within the realm of interior design, the style has been criticized for being excessively barren, and for creating rooms that feel almost sterile or clinical. Nevertheless, minimalism makes sense for rooms like the kitchen where space can’t be wasted and several different tools and items need specific homes. When executed well, minimalist kitchen design undeniably works. From de-cluttering your space to adding a tile backsplash, we’ve provided some tips to turn a chaotic Concord kitchen into one that’s both minimal and inviting.

Get rid of duplicate, broken, or unused tools

Some say minimalism encourages purpose and the stripping away of unnecessary belongings. This can translate to minimalist kitchen design if homeowners start by getting rid of what they don’t need. Sometimes having more than one of the same tool is helpful. For instance, having two vegetable peelers on hand is nice if you recruit a helper to prepare a large meal. However, in the case of larger kitchen appliances and tools that occupy a great deal of space, it may be best to get rid of what you have two or more of, what’s broken, and what you haven’t used in the past few months.

Don’t mistake minimalism for uniformity

Perhaps your interpretation of minimalist design is constructing a kitchen of entirely the same color, which can create an extremely polished look. If you’d like to go for a uniform color, a great way to add interest is to vary texture. In a white kitchen, installing white subway tiles between your countertops and cabinets is a thoughtful touch. These tile backsplashes allow your kitchen to act as a blank canvas, featuring the meals you make without looking plain.

Overall, minimalism is a clean design style that’s preferred by many. It escapes the excessiveness of more extravagant interior design trends, and turns a home into a functional and efficient place to live. A lot of what looks simple is actually very complicated, and it takes a great deal of work to make something beautiful that also serves a purpose. Well-executed minimalist design is in the details, and can be achieved by experimenting with various textures.

Here at Floor Coverings International Concord, we would love to help you achieve a home you’re happy with. We carry a wide variety of tile that could create beautiful floors or kitchen backsplashes in your minimalism-styled interior. We proudly serve the Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, & Martinez, CA areas and offer free consultations. Call us to schedule an appointment today!


Photo © Anna Oleksenko