Travertine tile is a naturally occurring limestone sourced and imported primarily from Turkey and Italy. Found in large quarries, it is cut in large sections and then cut into smaller tiles and slabs. Travertine forms when minerals disperse in ground water and ascend into riverbanks and natural springs. As a result of its origins, travertine has beautiful swirled and lined patterns. Homeowners in Concord can’t get enough of travertine. It’s a great choice for many areas of the home, and our experts at Floor Coverings International Concord have explored four of the best places to put travertine flooring in your home.

Kitchen Floors & Backsplashes

Travertine’s neutral tone and durability offer the perfect fit for the kitchen floor. Its smooth surface makes it easy to clean in busy areas like the kitchen where messes often occur. Travertine tile also translates nicely as a kitchen backsplash, making it not just a protective surface from splatters, but an elegant focal point for your kitchen. Travertine is more vulnerable to staining and corroding when exposed to acidic liquids, so be careful to not spill coffee or wine on the floor. If it does happen, make sure to clean up the mess immediately to prevent permanent blemishes.

Bathroomstravertine tile Concord CA

Much like the kitchen, bathrooms benefit from the strength and smoothness of travertine. Travertine can be used in other areas besides the floor and is great for shower walls, lining around the outside of tubs, and even countertops. Since water splashes can happen a lot in the bathroom, travertine is a perfect choice that won’t be damaged or warped by water.

Outdoor Patios

Travertine flooring tiles aren’t just for the inside of your Concord home. Tolerant to extreme temperature fluctuations, travertine is a gorgeous choice for outdoor patios and walkways. It will make your yard and patio the perfect setting for the next summer barbecue.

Entrywaystravertine concord CA

Travertine’s strength makes it perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic like the entryway. It will give your home a stunning and stylish first impression for everyone who comes over.

Its off-white and rusty tones will hide footprints and shoe marks better than some other entryway flooring choices.

Now that we’ve shared our four favorite places for travertine tile, are you interested in installing travertine in your kitchen, bathroom, entryway, or patio?

The friendly experts at Floor Coverings International Concord are here to help! Give us a call today for a complimentary consultation and visit from our mobile showroom.


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